Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to hire an Appliance? 

To hire an Appliance, you need to have photo identification, credit card and be able to provide the contact details of a personal reference. 

What payment options are available? 

First payment must be made with a credit/debit card and will be charged on or before the day of delivery. Monthly installments can be made by BPay, Cheque or Money Order, Credit / Debit Card. 

Am I locked into a contract? 

No.  You can stop renting at any time. However you may have to pay a collection fee depending on how long you have rented the appliances. 

Is there a minimum period?

No.  You can rent for as short or long period as you like. You can rent for a day, a week or a month. However there is a minimum amount you will have to pay - Minimum payment is $110 for delivery and collection plus 2 months rent as advertised on this website.

Is there a cancellation fee? 

No - There is no cancellation fee. You are never locked in to a long-term contract when you rent from us.

Do you deliver? 

Yes. We deliver to most suburbs in and around Brisbane and the South East of Queensland. However we advise asking if we deliver to your suburb when you make the booking. 

What is the cost for delivery

Delivery is FREE when you rent longer than 6 months.  
1 - 3 months = $55 plus $12 for each extra appliance.
4 - 6 months = $35 plus $6 for each extra appliance.

Do you deliver on weekends? 

We can deliver to inner-city and Northside suburbs on Saturdays .  Our delivery team will call you to indicate an approximate time then a courtesy call 30 mins before we leave to deliver you item. 

Can I pick up the appliance? 

We are unable to offer pick up for items such as Fridges, Washers and most Home Electrical items.  Pick up is available for some small electrical items such as cameras, vacuum cleaners etc. 

Are the appliances new?

The appliances are either new or near new pre-rented in excellent condition. 

Can I buy the item I'm hiring? 

Yes. At any point during your rental you can request the buy out price of the item or items you're renting. Then simply pay for the item using either your Visa or MasterCard or with the Bpay option and it's yours. 

What happens if something I have hired breaks down ?

One of the main benefits of renting home appliances is that we look after that for you. We will either have a service person attend your home or swap the appliance over. 

Do I have to pay a bond or deposit ?

If you choose not provide a credit card for the first payment you will have to pay a bond of $55 plus one months rent. There is no bond required if you provide a valid credit card.