Freezer Hire Brisbane | Rent a Freezer Brisbane

If you need to store food quickly in your home, it would be wise to rent a freezer instead of buying one. Renting allows you to use a brand new top-of-the-range freezer without spending beyond your means. It also gives you the flexibility to return the appliance (without the hassle of searching for a buyer).

Item 021.
160 litre Chest freezer       
$39 per month

Item 022.
200 litre Chest freezer       
$47 per month

Item 023.
380 litre Upright freezer    
$99 per month

Rent a freezer from Hireworks in Brisbane.  Rent short term or long term or purchase an ex rental. Freezers under 200 litres are chest type with door on top and cycle defrost.  Freezers greater than 300 litres are upright (door at front) and frost free. 

We will deliver your freezer for free, if you opt to rent for 12 months or longer.  Should you wish to keep the appliance you are renting, we offer rent to own terms.  For more information on Freezer Rental in Brisbane, fill out the online enquiry form and we’ll respond to your queries immediately.

Freezer Rental in Brisbane
is a good starting point for young professionals, newlywed couples, and small businesses.  Starting up with small expenditure allows you to plan your finances more easily, and cope with your recent move one step at a time.

Hireworks is here to help you manage city life like a breeze, offering flexible payment terms with no long list of requirements or heavy commitment.  Simply select the product you want to rent, show credit card identification, and pay the rent fee.  We'll install the freezer into your place, plus provide you with maintenance service.  All the little things you don’t want to worry about are taken care of!

Our freezers are available in chest or upright types. Select a 200-litre chest (with cycle defrost) or a 380-litre upright (frost free) freezer, ranging from $39 to $99 rent fee per month.