How to Order

Ordering appliances to rent from HIREWORKS is as easy as 1 2 3 .

Follow the steps below and you can have our rental appliances installed in your home within 48 hours.

Step 1.
Download a Rental Agreement by clicking on the icon displayed above or anywhere on the website.  
This will open a PDF form. 

Step 2.
Complete then print the form and sign it at the bottom.  Please read the Terms and Conditions too. 

Step 3.
Scan the document and then email it to us at  You're all finished.

What happens next ?

First you will receive an email from us to confirm we have received your order and when to expect delivery. 

Next we will charge the first monthly payment to your card. You can make all further payments by BPAY or have us deduct them from the card provided.

A transport team member will call you to arrange a suitable time for delivery on the day. That means you won't have sit around at home waiting all day.

Once installed you will have to sign a receipt to say that you have received the appliances in good condition.

Now relax and enjoy renting our great appliances for as long as you want. 

Need some help with the form ?

You can call us during normal business hours if you need help to complete the form. 
Alternatively we can send you a partially completed form where you simply add your personal details.

The form is a PDF and you can get the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site.

Here are a few simple tips to help you after you have entered you personal information.

First, choose the appliance or appliances you wish to rent. You will notice that next to each photo there is a description with an item number at the top. Simply type the item number into the box .

You can type in a description or model number in the box below, however it's only an option and not a mandatory field.

Next enter your MasterCard or VISA credit or debit card information.

Enter the Start Date, this is the date you wish to begin renting or the delivery date.

Then tell us how long you wish to rent by entering a number of months in the Initial Term box.
Remember you can always change your mind as you are not locked in. See FAQ for more information.

Choose to pay by card or BPAY.  

The First Payment is the amount you pay for delivery including installation.
Insert nil or leave blank if you choose to rent longer than 6 months.  
If you choose to rent for 1 - 3 months, insert $55 plus $12 for each extra appliance. 
If you choose to rent for 4 - 6 months, insert $35 plus $6 for each extra appliance.

The Regular Amount is the monthly payment due each calendar month from the start date.

Bond is payable when you cannot provide VISA or MasterCard details for the first payment.
The Bond amount is equal to one months rent plus $55.

A Customer Reference Number or CRN will be created for you. This number can be used for all BPAY transactions.

Remember you can always request a form be sent to you with all the relevant information on it. You can then just add your details, sign it and send it back to us.

Please call 07 3852 1800 or send an email to if there is anything more you want to know about renting from HIREWORKS.