Microwave Hire Brisbane | Rent a Microwave Brisbane

Hire a microwave oven from Hireworks in Brisbane and save time in the kitchen. We offer 20-25 litre microwaves that are quick and efficient for whipping up a tasty meal, steaming veggies, or making popcorn. You can even cook pasta and rice with just the touch of a button. With the Auto Defrost feature, you'll never need to worry about taking things out of the freezer again. 

Our 30-40 litre microwaves are 1200-1500 watts and offer a large turntables (320+ mm).

The Samsung has a curved cavity that makes it easy to clean. Just wipe it over with a soft cloth to bring it back to sparkling new. They come in sparkling white or stainless steel finishes.

Item 031.
25 litre capacity
$19 per month
Item 032.
35 litre capacity
$29 per month

Free delivery if you rent for 12 months or if you rent as a package with other items.

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